Competing on quality, or your price?

February 7, 2023

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Would you like to compete on quality, or your price?
If you choose quality, then it is essential you do so by showing the excellent calibre of your service or product in every way possible.

A popular reason business owners come to me is to create a gallery of images that show their brand’s professionalism, which also connects with prospective clients. In turn leading to bookings over alternative companies that struggle to convey the right impression.

When your future customers are searching for their perfect supplier it can be hard for them to recognise the value of different services and products available at different price points.

Imagery is a clear way to make it easy for those people to see your business’s value and why it is worth the higher investment.

The pictures you choose to use in your marketing are a way to demonstrate all of the benefits, the reasons why they should choose you. Photography has the ability to add this perceived value.

It may be the depths of the customer journey they would be taking with you, it may be the caring craftsmanship, the superior ingredients or science behind your products, that you deliver what other don’t or are unable to, it may be that you simply are the best in your field and need to be recognised for that. I help you identify each of these points to show and more.

But photography can also create the opposite effect. It can create a terrible impression of your business if used the wrong way.

If you are using bad quality photos you will have a harder time earning loyalty and trust.
Imagine your potential patient landing on your website or social media. If there are either no photos, selfies or amateur snaps, your credibility is limited at best.
You are sending out key messages:
You are not professional, reliable and an expert at what you do.
And even more importantly…
You don’t believe you are an expert.
You don’t value your business and your services enough to invest.

As I’m sure you’ve heard many times before the ‘Know, Like & Trust’ factor is essential for almost every business.  
Professional photos can help:
> your audience to get familiar with you
> to be liked to those that you want to target and attract
> importantly, build a trust that the value and quality of your service is a worthwhile investment.

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