5 signs you need a brand shoot

January 31, 2023

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Do any of these make you nod your head?

1. You want to differentiate yourself and your business.
Are you finding the content you are sharing feels too samey? That what you, and others in your industry, are posting is pretty similar?

2. You want your dream customer to notice you.
Feel you need to shout a little louder to get noticed? Pictures can do that for you! (without actually yelling, no sore throats required!).

3. You want to make your brand clearer.
Go beyond words to explain what your business values are and the brand feel is. Using images is the easiest way to showcase what represents you. 

4. The quality of your current pictures doesn’t match your product/service quality level.
This is the saddest thing. When I KNOW what you offer is excellent, yet the pictures shared aren’t anywhere near the same quality. They must be equal for customers to realise how great what you sell is.

5. You don’t have enough relevant content for social media.
This is so tough, keeping up with fresh content creation to stay seen. Also to be sure you have enough new images to support all the messages you need to share.

6. You don’t look like you anymore!
As tempting as it is to share a photo from ten years ago… don’t do it!  

So tell me, which of these had you agreeing, are you 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5?
Email me to let me know and for a brochure on brand photography can help > hello@visiblebyhannah.com