Combining your brand photos with stock images

January 10, 2023

the blog

Have you considered combining your personal brand photos with stock images?
There are three reasons why this is an excellent idea for your marketing:

1. Time
The one thing I’m pretty sure we all wish we had more of! Taking your own pictures, fitting in brand shoots and sifting through ad hoc pictures online all takes time. Having a collection from the Visible Image Library makes it so speedy to find the image you need.

2. Staying authentic
The big name stock image libraries are popular, but also mean that you see the same photos on lots of feeds. Us smaller libraries can cater for you better, fitting a smaller niche, but one that ‘feels’ more you and genuine for sharing.

3. Consistency
Having professional images- then scattering unprofessional images amongst them – brings the quality of your entire social media feed or website down. Instead, by having previous professional photos., then adding to them with collections, you can keep a cohesive polished look.

The Visible Image Library is your one online place for instant access to stock images for your marketing. You can start creating content faster, whilst looking consistently stylish, with your imagery.

Perfect for you if: 
+ you’ve had a photoshoot before and need a ‘top up’ between shoots.
+ you haven’t yet invested in a shoot, but need some professional images.
+ you don’t have the time to take your own pictures.

Visible Image Library has a mix of both work and lifestyle images in different colour palettes for a cohesive look online. 

Find images that flow through a variety of collections. From travel to workspaces, breakfast scenes to tech mock ups… and more!

Each collection is versatile, stylish and modern to strengthen your brand. You can use them on your social media platforms, website, newsletter, presentations, pdfs… the list is endless.