The five types of photos you need from your brand shoot

March 31, 2023

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Every photo shoot is entirely different and bespoke to you. Yet there are some key pictures that work in most shoots to adapt to be unique to your session. Here are my favourites:

1. It’s you! Plenty of headshots.
A variety to give you options for using them in your marketing, some close up, some with plenty of negative space. But all that reflect your personality.

2.  The process of what you do.
Show what it is that you do to educate and appeal to your ideal clients.⁣ These ‘behind the scenes’ style images give your customers the opportunity to have an insight into the talent that goes into the work you do.

3. The tools of your trade.
Similar to above, but without you in them. For example, if you’re a aesthetic practitioner it may be your medical journals and products to upsell styled. If you’re a business coach it may be your course materials, laptop or motivational books.

4. Your product or your service being used.
Action shots of you with a client. Or a customer using your product. These are always valuable for future messaging around the benefits of buying from you.

5. Your space
Showing where it is you work, or if it is a place clients can visit. It sets expectations to visitors and shows more of your brand personality.


During the briefing stage,  I learn about you, your business values, your dream customers and the service/product that you offer.

This leads into what the purpose of the shoot and what images will support you best.

I don’t just create a pretty gallery of images for you.
I build a gallery of images for you that will fulfil all of your marketing needs.

Together we will uncover where the photos will be used and what marketing messages they are strengthening. This will lead into the photo shoot design and session plan. All shoots include half a day of marketing support to design your detailed shoot plan followed by a call to chat through it in depth

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