Styled product photography: Prop Ideas | Pt 2

January 29, 2021

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Ideas for your photo props.

Before you begin shopping for props take some time to write a list of what you could include.

  1.  Think of the upcoming messages – what do you have to say that you will need images to support?
    Example: Are you launching a podcast so a stylish mic or headphones would work.
  2. What are your brand colours to make sure the props fit or compliment them?
    Example: If green is a key colour in your palette you could find foliage, fruit or drinks in the right shades.
  3. What are your business values that you may like to show?Example: If you care about the details and take time on detailed briefs, these could be printed and included.
  4. What are some of the ‘tools’ for your business?
    Example: If you are a copywriter it may be stylish pens and textured paper to write on.

These are just a few ideas. When I shoot for each client we go through these points and more in so much details to have a list of items to post to me to style and photograph.

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