Styled product photography: Styling your photo | Pt 3

January 29, 2021

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How to style your photos⁠

  1. The Hero ⁠
    Prior to any photos decide on the hero of each image. ⁠
    Example: for this picture it is the journal. ⁠Talking about journalling is a popular topic for business coaches, so being able to show it.
  2. Context⁠
    Once you know what you want the focus of the photo to be you can see the best setting and props to support it.⁠
    Example: in this picture I styled a bed in the studio as reading and writing on fresh white bedding fits. The added a magazine to separate it from the duvet and a pen.⁠
  3. Consider the composition⁠
    How you compose a picture is crucial to getting the viewers eye to look at the hero of the shot. Lead them to look at what you want to be seen. ⁠Also consider a variety of compositions, framing and leading lines with props is always effective.⁠
    Example: It may be that you leave space for images to ‘breathe’⁠. If it’s on your Instagram grid you want to be able to share some that have closer up of details, then incorporate those that have more negative, roomy space to stop things looking cramped.⁠

The most important thing to remember when you are creating the content is that they connect with your audience. I love to plan out an engaging shoot design for my clients, focused on building their very own photo library- a resource to easily access online. Please do click here to send an email if you’d like more details.

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