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Styled product photography: For service based businesses | Pt 1

January 29, 2021

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As the name suggests styled product photography is so much clearer for a product based businesses. If you sell products then I can take photos to show them looking great in a studio or a lifestyle environment.
What is less obvious is how useful styled product photography is if you offer a service instead.
Whether you sell your service to consumers or businesses it is relevant to have great image content.

content creation photos

1. Who is it you want to notice your image?⁠

⁠Spend some time thinking about the type of consumer you would love to work with. Then consider what photo would stop that person scrolling. ⁠

It is in that pause of scrolling that they will notice you. Stop. Then read your caption. ⁠

That image will be the difference between if they learn more about your services or not.⁠

Being able to visualise them clearly means you can talk directly to him/her in every single marketing acton, it is the most powerful tool you can have.⁠ Take some time to think of who that consumer is. Grab yourself a pen and sit down to truly think about them. Picture him or her in your head and write notes to understand exactly who it is you are trying to reach. ⁠

By identifying your dream client you’ll be able to attract the bookings you want and equally importantly, turn off the ones you don’t.⁠

Part 2 of this series is on props. Read ideas for service businesses on what to include in your styled product photography here >