2020 annual round up | Personal brand photography

January 14, 2021

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Oh twenty twenty.
Where do I begin with the annual round up?

It has taken me almost half the month to type the words reflecting on highlights of a year that we will never forget with so much upset and worry.

YET… when I started to look back over the sessions that happened in between the regular spells of lockdown/tier 4 limitations- they were brilliant…More than brilliant actually, they were fantastic.

Because each of those forty six brand shoots were of business owners determined to drive forward and grow- despite how easy it would be to slip into stagnant business development. So I am celebrating 2020 for being the year that business owners SHONE.

That despite the restrictions holding them back, they adapted and drove forward to show themselves and their businesses in the best possible way.

THANK you for choosing me to support you to do this.

Ps. It was also the year I missed seeing and photographing people so much I had a day of virtual desk shoots in March- I never expected these to be  needed for so long and the quarterly dates ran into 2021!