The five photos your website needs to book more clients.

January 1, 2021

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The scroll is fast.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, there will always be a need to slow that future customer down as they flick between websites.

A gorgeous website design, excellent navigation and enticing copy is all super important. And as we live in a visual world,  including images that appeal to the people you want to attract is the quickest way to get them to slow down and spend time on your website.

Once they do spend time on your website images help grow your like and trust factor. The more people feel they get to know you and your product/services the more likely they are to buy from you.

If you are building a brand new website, or having a refresh, then make sure you consider what photos you use. As always, it is quality over quantity so be sure those you do share show your business the way you want to be seen.


Here are the top five images for every website:


1. Headshot

An image of you that connects is crucial. Include at least one where you’re looking at the camera directly to encourage that connection even more.
 photos your website needs


2. Showing what you do

It may be the precise effort that goes into designing or making your products. Or it may be to let them see what it is like to work with you.
website photos you need


3. Your tools

For some you may have obvious tools of your trade that can be shown in a photo that fits your brand. For services this may be some of the forms or brochures printed out and styled.


4. What to expect

Showing what they can expect from working with you.
website photos


5. Your personality

Sharing more of who you are is always going to be memorable. For example, if you are a fan of coffee and good books you can include that in some pictures. If you adore your dogs, they could come and get involved in some shots. Things that you and your dream client have in common will help you to stand out.
website photos



Sarah, the talent behind my website shares some thoughts on how she likes to use images when designing her client’s websites:

“Beautiful website imagery is non-negotiable if you want to book more of the right clients. Amateur photography tells site visitors that you’re not an expert, that you’re not a credible business they can trust. Professional photography, or lack thereof, really can make or break a website.”

Sarah Shuttle, Sarah Shuttle Creative
One of the areas I have a new year’s resolution to improve is my SEO. An absolute expert in this area is Pamela, she shares her advice on how to optimise your images:

“Make sure every image is NAMED. It is really easy to just load up images with IMG001 as the name but this does not help with making them discoverable. Give each image an ALT TAG. These were originally designed to identify images for the visually impaired but now they are a key identifier for an image.  LINK the image to further content if it’s appropriate. To another blog post, a product, or page on your site.”

Pamela Rae-Welsh, Worsley Creative Services


Would you like more?

Click here to download a free ten page checklist to audit your brand images. ⁠ It guides you through your brand clarity, your dream client and ultimately, the comprehensive checks you need to complete for every place you share images.⁠