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The first step in your marketing…

April 25, 2018

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There is one major task you need to carry out for a flow of customers that get you excited, the ones that light you up. It is the first step in marketing and the one thing that should come before all other marketing activities. Regardless of the stage you are in your business, this step is the same- knowing who you would LOVE to book, the perfect client for you.

Florist brand photography

Being able to visualise a single dream client so clearly you can talk directly to him/her in every single marketing action is the most powerful tool you can have.

For example, if you are a wedding florist. Naturally you want to book couples getting married, ‘engaged couples’ are your dream client then? No.
Knowing who you want to book sounds simple.
According to the Office for National Statistics there were 252,222 marriages in the UK in 2014, their last report. I’m pretty sure not every one of those was a wedding you would have been excited to create the florals for.So tell me more.  Be more exact. That they are engaged is not enough detail.Is it the bride or groom you are reaching to? Who is she/he?

So whether it is an individual planning their wedding day you are selling to, a person looking for a business coach, someone that needs interior design work or any other business. The root is still the same. You NEED to know who you are talking to. Take some time to really understand them. Grab yourself a pen and sit down to truly think about them. Picture him or her- not both – in your head and scribble down your answers to the following questionnaire. Click here to download>>

It may feel odd answering the questions, but once you get into the flow it gets easier – I promise. Having this list of answers is the first step in all marketing you do. You need to be able to understand exactly who it is you are trying to reach out to.  By identifying your dream client you’ll be able to attract the weddings you want and equally importantly, turn off the ones you don’t.

Now you can consider your marketing approach from the new perspective of talking directly to *insert your dream client name here*.  You now know where to find your dream client, the language you choose is influenced by knowing them. This clarity will help your marketing be consistent.This will transform your conversions.

If you can have your dream client in mind, to focus all your marketing on them, it will not only make your message more consistent – also a lot easier. Take a look at your brand- does it reflect the value you want to project to your dream client? Build your brand to showcase your personality and the messages you want to send to your dream client.

Write content based around the issues you’ve identified they may have and the advice they may need. Then consider the places they are active, both online and offline, to be able to share it with them. Be an expert to their specific needs and someone they can relate to and trust.

I am all about building a smart business. I worked for over ten years in global marketing, it was varied and interesting- yet did not light me up, surely that is why we all do what we do? Designing a business that does light us up, makes us excited and passionate to photograph weddings. We have the full control to build our companies to excite us AND work for our dream clients.

This is a powerful tool for your marketing. You now have completed the first step to base your focused marketing plan on and attract your dream client. Be you throughout all the communications you have once they have been attracted to you. Being genuine and relatable will turn those enquiries into bookings.

Good Luck,

P.s Please do get in touch if you have any questions doing this activity and if you need any help on how to use it to plan for a brand shoot,



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