Modern brand photography

Guest Post | Why you need brand photography

May 19, 2018

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Modern brand photography


Today I’ve invited the lovely Sarah, owner of Orla by Sarah Shuttle , to chat about why brand photography is a crucial step in building a strong brand. Sarah is a luxury brand and web designer (she created this very site!) so high end imagery is a must. I photograph Sarah for her lifestyle brand shoot every six months, each time she builds a library of images that covers the next half a year on both social media, her website, blogging and she is hotly followed on Pinterest; all her links are at the end so be sure to follow. Over to Sarah….


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When you go all-in on your business, it’s time to get professional shots done. It’s not an investment for far off in the future. Not if you are really serious about pursuing a business. Why? Let me tell you…

Imagine your target client landing on your website or social media. If there are either no photos, selfies or amateur snaps, your credibility is limited at best.

You are sending out two key messages:

  1.  You are not professional, reliable and an expert at what you do.
    And even more importantly…
  2. You don’t believe you are an expert.
  3. You don’t value your business and your services enough to invest.


In the online business world you need trust. There are no two ways about it, professional photos build trust.


Brand photography in Berkshire


So, what is holding you back? Is it fear of going all in?

Back in May of this year, 2016, I decided to have my first photoshoot in anticipation of my launch at the beginning of July.

Despite the fact money was tight and I had no income.

Despite the fact I wasn’t confident on camera.

Despite the fact I was incredibly overweight and self-conscious.

But I knew it was a necessary step if I wanted to achieve my dreams.

So, having discovered the lovely Hannah of Visible by Hannah, I took the leap and had an entire day with her and her camera.

The results were amazing. The amount of compliments I have had, and essentially the amount much business I have received as a result of increasing my credibility in that way is phenomenal. Why? Because I took the step and made the investment to look the expert I know I am.

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