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Brand Clarity

March 11, 2021

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When was the last time you spent some time thinking about your brand?⁠

As a brand photographer it is unsurprisingly a topic that I’m passionate about, something that I ALWAYS mention from our first chats about your photography and dive deeper into as we plan your sessions. ⁠

There are so many different elements that come into your brand.  Brand. An overly used word and one that has so many different interpretations. It can feel a bit overwhelming having so many different elements thrown at you that come into branding. ⁠

I want to help cut through that noise with this simple three step strategy:

⁠⁠I truly believe it is a key area to focus on to strengthen your business. ⁠Your brand is what distinguishes your product or service from others and shows your customers what to expect if they choose you. ⁠

Step 1 / Your Brand Strategy

This is the foundation of your brand. The planning behind what you want your brand to be.⁠

Initially you can decide who your target audience is. Once you have an idea of that person you can think about how you want to be seen by them. ⁠

Your brand strategy need to reach that target audience and outline:⁠

  • What your businesses core values are. ⁠
  •  What direction you want your business to go in.⁠
  • What business goals you are setting.⁠

⁠These don’t have to be set. I review mine each year. My brand strategy has entirely evolved from when I first launched in 2011. It is natural for your brand to develop and change over time.⁠

Step 2 / Your Brand Strategy

⁠This follows from your brand strategy, it is the strategy which leads everything that is designed. So next comes the visuals for your company. ⁠

Each need to align with your strategy:⁠

  • The colours.⁠
  • The textures.⁠
  • The logo.⁠
  • The fonts.⁠
  • The packaging.⁠
  • AND the photographs.⁠

They all need to be consistently recognisable.⁠

Brand identity also plays a big part in your brand voice. The type of language you choose from the wording on your website to the tone of your social media captions.⁠

Step 3 / Your Brand Marketing

Finally, how you market your business.

Once you have a plan together for your brand strategy. Then your brand identity has been developed to show this, it is time to shout about it so the world can see! Well, your target audience anyway- everyone else is irrelevant. It is those dream clients you want to become aware of your business.⁠

It is brand marketing that will generate this awareness, ultimately leading to them flowing through the AIDA chain:⁠

The channels you choose – whether that is the social media platforms, advertising, your website, newsletters, the type of blogs and magazines you feature in- every medium needs to fit in with your initial brand strategy. ⁠

Then how you appear in each place needs consistency in look and feel.⁠ including your photographs.⁠

Would you like some help? The Brand Image Review is where ⁠I’ll study what you currently share then explain how you can adapt, or add, content to strengthen your brand. ⁠ ⁠ You’ll receive a detailed video, plus a written plan that will guide you through the process. ⁠Send me an info for more details,